Each picture has a limited edition and will be signed and numbered when purchased. The number of prints varies depending on the project. Each picture displayed in the Gallery has the number of the edition along with the title. This guarantees that your picture is unique and that it will never be made in more copies than stated on the certificate.


Most photographs are produced on order. It allows to customize the size, as requested by customer. There are some projects that have established formats. This is described along with the title.

Print and framing

The photographs are produced with the best technology currently available. A unique combination of digital and analog, and is an approved C-print.
When it comes to mounting and framing there are several options. From a simple and delicate mounting on aluminum to elaborate frames. The photographic expression is taken into account when determining what is appropriate and I will often make suggestions. It is also possible to buy just the print.

The project “Indistinct Contours” is produced on handmade paper and mounted in oak frame with protective glass.

Delivery and shipment

If you are unable to transport the finished picture yourself, it will delivered to your door at any location in the world (at additional cost).


All photographs come in various sizes, with different framing options and therefore the prices vary accordingly. Please send an email or give a call for an estimate.

Meeting at the Atelier

There are many ready originals that are displayed in my studio. You are most welcome to arrange a meeting to visit my studio and have a look at these. The atelier is located in Oslo, at Konowsgate 5.